Phobjikha Valley attractions

Top Choice Buddhist Monastery in Phobjikha Valley

Gangte Goemba

Gangte Goemba enjoys the valley's prime real estate, on a forested hill overlooking the green expanse of the entire Phobjikha valley. The extensive complex consists of the central goemba, monks' quarters, a small gu…
Top Choice Wildlife Reserve in Phobjikha Valley

Black-Necked Crane Information Centre

Your first stop in Phobjikha should be the information centre of the Royal So­ciety for Protection of Nature’s (RSPN), which has informative displays about the black-necked cranes and the valley environment. You can…
Buddhist Temple in Phobjikha Valley

Nyelung Dechenling

Travellers with a sense of the magical will want to visit this unassuming chapel, one of eight residences (ling) built by the 14th-century Nyingma Dzogchen master Longchen Rabjam (Longchenpa). Don't be put off by th…
Buddhist Temple in Phobjikha Valley

Khewang Lhakhang

On the east side of the Phobjikha valley, opposite Tabiting, is the 15th-century Khewang Lhakhang, which features three two-storey statues of the past, present and future Buddhas (dusum sangay). The lhakhang has a t…
Buddhist Temple in Phobjikha Valley

Kumbhu Lhakhang

A dirt road leads from the Kuenzang Chholing shedra up to the Kumbhu Lhakhang, a protector chapel and meditation retreat centre dedicated to the ancient Bon deity Sipey Gyalmo. Kumbhu means '100,000 statues'. After …
Buddhist Temple in Phobjikha Valley

Damchen Lhakhang

South of Tabiting, the unpaved road down the west side of Phobjikha valley winds past Yusa village to this small but charming chapel, said to be the oldest in the valley, dating to the 14th century.
Workshop in Phobjikha Valley

Wangmo Hand-Woven Carpet Factory

Just below the Yue-Loki Guest House is this small handwoven carpet factory run by the same owners. Established in 1992 by a local woman, Dorji Wangmo, it is currently closed but should reopen soon.
Buddhist Monastery in Phobjikha Valley

Kuenzang Chholing Shedra

The long white building on the hill to the north of Gangte Goemba is Kuenzang Chholing, a shedra (Buddhist college) home to 300 student monks.
Viewpoint in Phobjikha Valley


This pavilion lookout on the Gangte Nature Trail offers fine valley views and is just above a hide used by birders spotting back-necked cranes.
Buddhist Monument in Phobjikha Valley

White Chorten

This white chorten serves as a landmark on the popular Gangtey Nature Trail hike.