Pele La to Trongsa restaurants

Multicuisine in Pele La to Trongsa

Norbu Yangphel Hotel

Brightly painted Norbu Yangphel offers the usual tourist buffet upstairs and has a couple of cosier rooms downstairs where you can try juru jaju (river moss soup); fresh in August and September, and dried the rest o…
Multicuisine in Pele La to Trongsa

Tushita Cafe

Tushita sits in a sunny position just above the road and provides lunch and morning and afternoon tea, with the added attraction of super-clean bathrooms. Your agent can also arrange camping here for those biking th…
Multicuisine in Pele La to Trongsa

Viewpoint Restaurant

If open, this roadside eating spot offers an opportunity for a cup of tea while enjoying great views of the Trongsa Dzong and the valleys it imperially overlooks.