Mongar attractions

Buddhist Temple in Mongar

Yakgang Lhakhang

A short drive west of town is this little-visited but interesting lhakhang, founded in the 16th century by the son of Pema Lingpa. As you enter the main hall, notice how the original entrance on the far wall was blo…
Buddhist Monastery in Mongar

Mongar Dzong

The Mongar Dzong was established in 1930 to replace the original Shongar Dzong, although the original utse (central tower) dates from an earlier age. It's unusual because it has two entrances. There are four lhakhan…
Buddhist Site in Mongar

Prayer Wheel

The prayer wheel under the clocktower usually shelters a few of Mongar's old-timers shooting the breeze.
Landmark in Mongar


The clocktower overlooks the small park near the old part of town.