Top things to do in Mongar to Trashigang

Bhutanese in Mongar to Trashigang

Doechog Puensum Restaurant

This restaurant just off the highway is well set up for passing trade, with indoor and outdoor seating and a comprehensive menu. If it's not meal time just drop in for a coffee.
Bhutanese in Mongar to Trashigang

Choden Hotel General Shop Cum Bar & Lodge

This roadside hotel next to a giant prayer wheel is a decent enough place to break the drive for a cup of masala tea. It can get busy when passengers pile out of the buses running from Trashigang to Mongar to breakf…
Cafe in Mongar to Trashigang

Coffee Café

Here you can get a hot drink, instant coffee or tea and a packet of biscuits. By the look of the shelves alcohol is the major warming drink up here.