Bhutan entertainment

Top Choice Live Music in Thimphu

Mojo Park

Thimphu's premier live-music venue and bar, strong on blues, rock and reggae and friendly to boot. Check its Facebook page for upcoming gigs: most start about 9pm.
Live Performance in Thimphu

Khuju Luyang

This troupe of 12 performs a popular hour-long selection of religious, regional and folk songs and dances, including cham masked dances and songs from Laya and Sakteng, accompanied by live music on the zither, flute…
Performing Arts in Thimphu

Nehru-Wangchuck Cultural Centre

This Indian cultural centre in front of the Taj Tashi hotel runs performance programs, documentaries and lectures on South Asian, particularly Indian, culture. There's also a library covering the religion and cultur…
Cinema in Thimphu

City Cinema

This modern cinema screening Bhutanese movies is in a new mall development, also boasting a supermarket, restaurant and coffee shop. Movies are generally in Dzongkha but some have English subtitles.