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Airports & Airlines

The following direct services connect Bermuda's LF Wade International Airport to Canada, UK and USA:

  • Canada Air Canada ( and WestJet ( connect Toronto to Bermuda daily.
  • UK British Airways ( offers daily flights from London Gatwick to Bermuda.
  • USA American Airlines ( connects Bermuda to New York, Miami and Philadelphia, and offers seasonal flights from Orlando, Washington DC, Boston and Charlotte. JetBlue ( has several weekly services from Boston and New York, Delta ( flies from Boston and Atlanta, United Airlines ( have daily flights from Newark.

Departure Tax

The $35 departure tax is included in the price of a ticket.


It is not possible to travel here by land.


Most Bermuda visitors who come by sea are cruise-ship passengers. Cruise ships tend to come from US ports such as New York, Charleston, Baltimore, Boston and Fort Lauderdale. The $60 departure tax is included in the cruise price.

The other way to arrive by sea is if you have your own yacht, and numerous visitors do just that in spring and fall, en route between the eastern seaboard of the US and the Caribbean, or to attend numerous sailing events that take place between May and July. You can anchor in numerous marinas around St George's and Hamilton, but traversing Bermuda's treacherous reefs is a challenge even for experienced sailors.