LGBT Travellers

Bermuda is a conservative society and it lags behind Europe and North America in its attitudes towards homosexuality. Gay sex was illegal in Bermuda until 1994 and discrimination against people on the grounds of sexual orientation was only made illegal in 2013, though in 2015 the Supreme Court of Bermuda ruled that same-sex unions should have the same employment rights and benefits as everyone else. Gay travelers are unlikely to experience overt discrimination, though open displays of affection are very much frowned upon.

There isn't a gay scene in Bermuda as such, though there are a number of gay-friendly venues, including Cafe Cairo and the Little Venice Wine Bar in Hamilton. Hotels noted for being gay-friendly include Reefs, Hamilton Princess, and Royal Palms, while Aunt Nea's Inn and Quarterdeck Cabin are gay-owned lodgings that welcome gay travelers. Two Words and a Comma ( is a local grassroots organization that campaigns for gay rights in Bermuda.