Top things to do in Porto Novo

Top Choice Gardens in Porto Novo

Centre Songhai

The Centre Songhai is a major research, teaching and production centre in sustainable farming. There are one-hour guided tours to visit the plantations and workshops. You can also buy the centre's produce – anything…
Museum in Porto Novo

Musée Honmé

This museum is housed in the walled palace of King Toffa, who signed the first treaty with the French in 1863. It focuses on the alounloun musical instrument, a long piece with a sliding metal ring, the key element …
African in Porto Novo

Java Promo

No one seems to remember a time before Java Promo. Hidden behind the aquamarine shutters of a crumbling colonial building and shielded from the sun by a big paillote (straw awning), this is a popular haunt for an om…
Museum in Porto Novo

Musée Ethnographique de Porto Novo

Housed in a pretty colonial building, this museum is well worth a gander. The top floor is organised thematically around birth, life and death, with everything from costumes to carved drums. Downstairs there's an im…
African in Porto Novo

Chez Mahi

Locals swear by this restaurant, just south of Pl Kokoyé. It's not an attractive place (bare concrete walls), but the mashed yam is excellent and the atmosphere jovial.
African in Porto Novo

Esperance Maquis

This is a bit of a mix of African and European fare. Decent schwarma, basic rice and beans plus a fish of the day is served up in this friendly little spot.
Market in Porto Novo

Grand Marché

Manic, chaotic, full of questionable smells, this is your typical fresh produce plus anything market. Excellent for picking up picnic supplies.
Museum in Porto Novo

Musée da Silva

This wonderfully eclectic museum full of Afro-Brazilian artefacts is housed in a beautiful 1870 Afro-Brazilian house.