Benin in detail

Benin is known for

Art & Architecture

Zinzou Foundation Museum Check out the West African contemporary art scene in Ouidah.

Villa Karo Explore this cultural centre in Grand Popo for changing exhibits.

Musée da Silva Embrace the Afro-Bazilian feel of this museum in Porto Novo.

Musée Régional de Natitingou Ponder the clay huts of the Somba.


Route des Esclaves This poignant memorial in Ouidah traces the physical and mental journey of enslaved people.

Musée d'Histoire de Ouidah This museum offers another look at the history of the trade of enslaved people and its heartbreaking impact.

Musée Historique d'Abome Wander through ancient palaces for an insight into the Dahomey Kingdom.

Musée Régional de Natitingou Look back at the history of the Somba people and their impressive, ochre-coloured clay dwellings.


Route des Pêches Enjoy this land of seemingly endless beaches.

Grand Popo Chill in the water and out at this coastal town.

Kota Falls Cool down from the steamy temps under this cascade.

Ganvie Stilt Village A novel (and enjoyable) place for a dip.


Ouidah The centre of voodoo worship.

Porto Novo Home to Afro-Brazilian culture.

Atakora Region Observe the Somba people.

Cotonou Absorb the disturbing nature of the Fetish Market.