National Park in Northern Benin

Parc National de la Pendjari

This 275,000-hectare national park 45km (28 miles) north of Natitingou, is the wildlife park par excellence in this part of West Africa. Visitors may spot lions, leopards, elephants, baboons and hippos. The best vie…
Museum in Abomey

Musée Historique d'Abomey

Abomey's main and seriously impressive attraction (and a World Heritage Site), this sprawling museum is housed in two palaces, those of the ancient kings Ghézo and Glélé. The museum displays royal thrones and tapest…
Museum in Porto Novo

Musée da Silva

This wonderfully eclectic museum is housed in a beautiful 1870 Afro-Brazilian house.
Museum in Porto Novo

Musée Ethnographique de Porto Novo

Housed in a pretty colonial building, this museum is well worth a gander. The top floor is organised thematically around birth, life and death, with everything from costumes to carved drums. Downstairs there's an im…
Gardens in Porto Novo

Centre Songhai

The Centre Songhai is a major research, teaching and production centre in sustainable farming. There are one-hour guided tours to visit the plantations and workshops. You can also buy the centre's produce – anything…
Museum in Ouidah

Musée d'Histoire de Ouidah

Ouidah's main site is its Musée d'Histoire de Ouidah, housed in the beautiful Fortaleza São João Batista, a Portuguese fort built in 1721. It retraces the town's slave-trading history and explores the links between …
Religious Site in Ouidah

Python Temple

Those interested in voodoo could visit the python temple, home to some 60 sleepy pythons. The guide explains some of the beliefs and ceremonies associated with the temple.
Cultural Centre in Grand Popo

Villa Karo

On the main road through the village, Villa Karo has a small gallery with great exhibitions.
Museum in Natitingou

Musée Régional de Natitingou

Housed in a colonial building built by slaves at the beginning of the 20th century, this museum gives an overview of life in Somba communities. The exhibition includes various musical instruments, jewellery, crowns…
Gallery in Cotonou

Fondation Zinsou

This fantastic exhibition space seeks to promote contemporary African art among Beninese people. The chic boutique sells beautiful art books and the cafe offers wi-fi access.