National Park in Hummingbird Highway

St Herman's-Blue Hole National Park

The 575-acre St Herman's-Blue Hole National Park contains St Herman's Cave, one of the few caves in Belize that you can visit without a guide. The visitors center (where flashlights can be rented for BZ$3) is 11 mil…
National Park in Around Belmopan

Guanacaste National Park

Belize's smallest national park was declared in 1990 and is named for the giant guanacaste tree on its southwestern edge. The tree survived the axes of canoe-makers but has now died naturally, though it still stands…
Waterfall in Hummingbird Highway

Billy Barquedier Waterfall

This magnificent waterfall cascades into a cool swimming hole located a 15-minute walk off the Hummingbird Hwy (signposted). A further one-hour walk brings you to a lovely viewpoint. If there are no volunteers there…