Ferry in Punta Gorda

Requena's Charter Service

Operates the Mariestela, departing Punta Gorda at 9am daily for Puerto Barrios, Guatemala (BZ$60, one hour), and returning at 2pm. Tickets are sold at the office and the customs dock.
Bus in Punta Gorda

James Bus Line

Hourly buses from Punta Gorda to Belize City depart from the bus station on King St.
Car Rental in Punta Gorda

Aliram Auto Rental

There are a few rental cars available for use in the Toledo area here.
Airline in Punta Gorda

Maya Island Air

Flies from Punta Gorda's airstrip.
Airline in Punta Gorda

Tropic Air

At the airstrip.
Airport in Punta Gorda


Bus in Punta Gorda

Village Buses

Customs Dock in Punta Gorda

Customs Dock