Top things to do

Top Choice International in Around Punta Gorda

Jungle Farm Restaurant

If you have only one dining splurge in Southern Belize, the restaurant at Copal Tree Lodge is the place to do it. The location, high on a jungle hilltop, is superb and the restaurant is a delight with its large deck…
Top Choice Cultural Center in Big Falls & Indian Creek

Living Maya Experience

Two Kekchi families in Big Falls village have opened up their homes as a cultural experience for visitors and both are excellent. The Cal family demonstrates ancient Maya lifestyle from tortilla- and chocolate-makin…
Top Choice Seafood in Punta Gorda

Asha's Culture Kitchen

Twisted lobster, baked barracuda, cracked conch, whole snapper and lionfish fingers – and the best waterfront deck in PG. There's a lot to like about Asha's, where seafood is the specialty and the sea breezes are fi…
Top Choice Vegetarian in Punta Gorda


Gormiers has moved from his little green shack to a new location across from the waterfront north of town. It's still the best place in PG for organic vegetarian and vegan cuisine, a variety of tofu-based creations,…
Top Choice Cafe in Punta Gorda

Snack Shack

With a breezy upper deck overlooking Main St, this is the best spot in town for all-day Western or Belizean breakfasts, served alongside brain-freezing slushies, juices and shakes.
Ruins in San Pedro Columbia


The Maya ruins at Lubaantun, 1.3 miles northwest of San Pedro Columbia, are built on a natural hilltop and display a construction method unusual in the ancient Maya world of mortar-less, neatly cut, black-slate bloc…
Creole in Punta Gorda

Leela's Bistro

This cozy little Creole restaurant and bar is a legacy of legendary PG brukdown singer Leela Vernon, who died in 2017. The menu is traditional Belizean with the likes of rice and beans, stew chicken, Creole lobster …
Ruins in Big Falls & Indian Creek

Nim Li Punit

The Maya ruins of Nim Li Punit stand atop a natural hill half a mile north of the Southern Hwy, near the village of Indian Creek. The site is notable for the 26 stelae found in the southern Plaza of the Stelae. Four…
National Park in Around Punta Gorda

Temash-Sarstoon National Park

The tiny Garifuna fishing community of Barranco (population 160), about an hour's drive from Punta Gorda, is the access point for Temash-Sarstoon National Park, a remote 64-sq-mile protected reserve of rainforest, w…
National Park in San Antonio

Río Blanco National Park

The 105-acre Río Blanco National Park, just west of Santa Elena village, is a compact protected wildlife area that's home to a variety of flora and fauna. The highlight for visitors is definitely Río Blanco Falls, a…