Toledo District (Deep South) shopping

Arts & Crafts in Big Falls & Indian Creek

Ixchel Women's Group

Operating from a hut in Indian Creek village, the Ixchel Women's Group is run by a small cooperative of Kekchí Maya women who produce traditional handicrafts and sell them throughout the area. Among the items you'll…
Arts & Crafts in Big Falls & Indian Creek

Marigold Women's Cooperative

In Indian Creek village, Marigold is a cooperative of local Kekchí Maya women working to preserve their culture through cooking. Traditional Maya food, including breads and cakes are available, along with arts and c…
Art in Punta Gorda

Fajina Crafts Center

Operated cooperatively by a women's association with members from 13 villages around southern Toledo, the Fajina Crafts Center opens on market days selling handmade necklaces, belts, bracelets, baskets, clothing, ba…