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The Sarteneja Express ferry runs between Sarteneja and Corozal Town on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, departing at 7am. From Corozal the boat leaves at 4pm. With advance notice, the Thunderbolt ferry between Corozal and San Pedro stops in Sarteneja daily. The ride to Corozal takes 30 minutes (BZ$25); to San Pedro it's 1½ hours at sea (BZ$50).


Four buses daily run between Belize City and Sarteneja (BZ$15, three hours) leaving from next to the Swing Bridge in Belize City at 10:30am, noon, 1:45pm, 4pm and 5pm. They return from Sarteneja at the unsociable hours of 3:30am, 4:30am, 5:30am and 6:30am. You can also pick them up in Orange Walk around 1½ hours after they depart from Belize City. No service on Sunday.

Car & Motorcycle

Sarteneja is 40 miles northeast of Orange Walk by a mostly unpaved all-weather road that passes through the village of San Estevan and the scattered Mennonite community of Little Belize. Drivers from Corozal Town can reach Sarteneja (43 miles) by driving to Copper Bank and then crossing the river and heading to the town of Chunox on the Orange Walk Town–Sarteneja road.