Belize Dollar (BZ$)

Daily Costs

Budget: Less than BZ$120

  • Camping or dorm bed: BZ$10–40
  • Double room in a budget hotel: BZ$50–120
  • Street-food stalls or self-catering: BZ$3–10
  • One-hour bus ride: BZ$5

Midrange: BZ$120–500

  • Double room with private bathroom: BZ$120–350
  • Dinner and drinks at local restaurants: BZ$15–35
  • Adventure and caving activities: BZ$75–200
  • Taxis or golf-cart hire: BZ$20–80

Top end: More than BZ$350

  • Luxury accommodations per double: from BZ$350
  • Fancy restaurants in resort areas: BZ$30–50
  • Transportation by rental car or organized shuttles: BZ$80–100
  • Shopping, day spas, private tours: from BZ$100


Bargaining is not common in Belize with the notable exception of outdoor souvenir markets, where everything is negotiable. When business is slow, it's possible to obtain a discount on hotel rooms, golf-cart rentals and other tourism services, although this is usually limited to a quick back-and-forth rather than hard-edge bargaining.


There are no ATMs in Sarteneja and not many businesses accept cards so bring plenty of cash.