The 70-acre organic farm and registered NGO offers internships for those interested in learning about organic farming, permaculture, biodiversity and alternative energy. Located in a beautiful jungle valley 2 miles upriver from San Pedro Columbia, the farm is run by permaculture teacher Christopher Nesbitt, with the philosophy of promoting fully sustainable food production.

Accommodations in a series of rustic dorm-style cabañas and palapas (open-air shelters with a thatched roof) cost BZ$350 a week, or BZ$1200 a month, all inclusive.

Interns take part in every stage of meal preparation, from harvesting fruits, vegetables, nuts and herbs to cooking over a wood-burning stove inside the farm's outdoor kitchen (hand-built with stones from the river). MMRF also offers short-term courses lasting between one and three weeks in both permaculture design and renewable energy. Rustic and beautiful in the extreme, the farm is pretty remote, with no road access. To get there you need to walk or take a dory (dugout canoe) from San Pedro Columbia village.