Top Choice Gardens in San Ignacio

Green Iguana Conservation Project

On the lush Macal Valley grounds of the San Ignacio Resort Hotel, this excellent program collects and hatches iguana eggs, raising the reptiles until they are past their most vulnerable age. The iguanas are then rel…
Ruins in San Ignacio

Cahal Pech

High atop a hill about a mile south of San Ignacio, Cahal Pech is the oldest-known Maya site in the Belize River valley, having been first settled between 1500 and 1000 BC. Less impressive than Xunantunich and Carac…
Museum in San Ignacio

House of Culture

This small museum attached to the town hall displays some sparse photographs and cultural exhibits, as well as providing a space for local artists and musicians. The museum (and town hall) were expected to move to a…
Park in San Ignacio

Branch Mouth

Branch Mouth is the meeting place of the Mopan River, coming from Guatemala, and the Macal River, flowing down from Mountain Pine Ridge. The confluence of these rivers forms the beginning of the Belize River, which …
Landmark in San Ignacio

Town Hall

The town hall was due to move from the town center to a new location on Bullet Tree Rd (near the hospital) in 2016.
Church in San Ignacio

St Andrew's Anglican Church

On pedestrian Burns Ave, this is a popular parish church.
Church in San Ignacio

Sacred Heart Church

Landmark church in San Ignacio.