Belize Dollar (BZ$)

Daily Costs

Budget: Less than BZ$120

  • Camping or dorm bed: BZ$10–40
  • Double room in a budget hotel: BZ$50–120
  • Street-food stalls or self-catering: BZ$3–10
  • One-hour bus ride: BZ$5

Midrange: BZ$120–500

  • Double room with private bathroom: BZ$120–350
  • Dinner and drinks at local restaurants: BZ$15–35
  • Adventure and caving activities: BZ$75–200
  • Taxis or golf-cart hire: BZ$20–80

Top end: More than BZ$350

  • Luxury accommodations per double: from BZ$350
  • Fancy restaurants in resort areas: BZ$30–50
  • Transportation by rental car or organized shuttles: BZ$80–100
  • Shopping, day spas, private tours: from BZ$100


Bargaining is not common in Belize with the notable exception of outdoor souvenir markets, where everything is negotiable. When business is slow, it's possible to obtain a discount on hotel rooms, golf-cart rentals and other tourism services, although this is usually limited to a quick back-and-forth rather than hard-edge bargaining.


ATMs are widely available; credit cards are accepted at most hotels, restaurants and shops.


The Belizean dollar (BZ$) is pegged to the US dollar at two to one (BZ$1 = US$0.50). Nearly every business in Belize accepts US dollars and prices are often quoted in US dollars at resorts and hotels – always check in advance whether you're paying in Belize dollars or US dollars.

Exchange Rates


For current exchange rates, see


Tipping is not obligatory but is always appreciated if guides, drivers or servers have provided you with genuinely good service. Some hotels and restaurants add an obligatory service charge to your check (usually 10%).

  • Hotels Not needed but baggage porters appreciate a small gratuity.
  • Restaurants Round up the check between 5% and 10%.
  • Taxis Tips are not expected.
  • Tour guides In high-volume areas, tour guides are used to receiving tips.