Mountain Pine Ridge Area attractions

Waterfall in Mountain Pine Ridge Area

Big Rock Falls

The small but powerful Big Rock Falls on Privassion Creek are, for many, more impressive than the Thousand Foot Falls – not least because you can get up close and swim in the pools below. Take the road toward Gaïa R…
Waterfall in Mountain Pine Ridge Area

Thousand Foot Falls

Ten miles off Chiquibul Rd, the Thousand Foot Falls are reckoned to be the highest in Central America, a ribbon of water cascading down a mountainside that you can view from a distant lookout point. Access them by t…
Waterfall in Mountain Pine Ridge Area

Río On Pools

Just off Chiquibul Rd, 2.5 miles north of Douglas D'Silva (Augustine), Río On Pools is a series of small waterfalls connecting pools that the river has carved out of granite boulders. It's a beautiful spot: the pool…
Forest in Mountain Pine Ridge Area

Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve

In the heart of the highland area southeast of San Ignacio, 200 sq miles of submontane pine forest forms the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve. The sudden switch from tropical rainforest to pine trees as you ascend…
Waterfall in Mountain Pine Ridge Area

Five Sisters Falls

The pools at tranquil Five Sisters Falls are only accessible to guests or diners at Gaïa River Lodge. A cable tram can take you down and back up.
Archaeological Site in Mountain Pine Ridge Area


Pacbitun, a small site, 12 miles south of San Ignacio via Cristo Rey Rd, near San Antonio, seems to have been occupied continuously through most of Maya history, from 900 BC to AD 900. Today only lofty Plaza A has b…
Cave in Mountain Pine Ridge Area

Río Frio Cave

In Douglas D'Silva (Augustine), on the way to or from Caracol, look for the signed turnoff to Río Frio Cave, less than 1 mile away. The river gurgles through the sizable cave, keeping it cool while you go off and ex…