Walking Trails

A series of walking trails weave along the lakeshore and through and beyond the village. The CTWS Visitors Center supplies maps for self-guided exploration.

Boat Tours

Any of the local hotels can arrange a boat tour of the lagoon (up to four people BZ$200). Tours usually last three to four hours and it's best to plan for an early departure. This activity is particularly worthwhile from December to February, before the level of the lagoon has dropped off dramatically. Expert guides know which birds live in every nook and cranny of the swampland.

South of the lagoon, Spanish Creek and Black Creek harbor plenty of birds all year in their thick tree cover. Black Creek is also home to black howler monkeys, Morelet's crocodiles, coatimundi and several species of turtle and iguana; Spanish Creek gives access to Chau Hix, an ancient Maya site with a pyramid 80ft high.