Corozal Town attractions

Top Choice Historic Site in Corozal Town

Corozal House of Culture

Built in 1886, this fine old Spanish Colonial building once housed a bustling market beside the old customs house. It was one of only 11 buildings spared by Hurricane Janet in 1955. Today the historic building house…
Ruins in Corozal Town

Santa Rita

Santa Rita was an ancient Maya coastal town that once occupied the same strategic trading position as present-day Corozal Town, namely the spot between two rivers – the Río Hondo (which now forms the Belize–Mexico b…
Museum in Corozal Town

Corozal Museum

Called 'A Window to the Past,' the exhibit at this little museum focuses on the experience of the East Indian population, who arrived around 1838 as indentured servants working on the sugar plantations, but also fea…
Notable Building in Corozal Town

Town Hall

A colorful and graphic mural by Belizean-Mexican artist Manual Villamor Reyes enlivens the lobby of the town hall. The mural depicts episodes from Corozal history, including the War of the Castes, with the talking c…
Historic Site in Corozal Town

Fort Barlee

At the center of town, this fort was built in 1849 by Caste War refugees for protection from attacks by hostile Maya. Only the remains of the brick corner turrets are still visible on the fort site.
Landmark in Corozal Town

Clock Tower

This Corozal landmark dominates Central Park.