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Howler Monkeys and Mayan Adventure

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Community Baboon Sanctuary

To be a witness and get up close to the Black howler monkeys in their natural habitat, a tour to the Community Baboon Sanctuary in Belize is the ideal tour for this amazing experience. This attraction is locate about 25 miles west of Belize City in the small rural village of Bermudian Landing. This awesome initiative to protect and conserve the tropical rain forest loudest creature within the communities of the Belize river valley have become a huge success. Our guest get to walk through trails under the canopy of the rain forest and whilst they seek the presents of the monkeys they get to learn about many medicinal plants and trees use as herbal remedies as part of the tradition of the rural communities. The capable and knowledgeable site guide at the Sanctuary provide detail information of the history of the sanctuary at the small museum just before you venture out to view the howler monkeys. 3 1/2 hours total is the duration of this tour including round trip from Belize City.
4 hours