Cayo District shopping

Arts & Crafts in Around Belmopan

Art Box

It's hard to miss this cube-like two-story building on the highway just before the Belmopan airstrip. It's a combination gallery, store and cafe, with locally made furniture, jewelry, crafts and stationery, as well …
Gifts & Souvenirs in West of Belmopan

Orange Gallery

On the highway, east of Georgeville, Orange Gallery is a quality gift shop and gallery showcasing a wide selection of Belizean souvenirs and handicrafts, including fine hardwood furniture, kitchen wares and sculptur…
Arts & Crafts in San Ignacio

Back to My Roots

Offers cool handmade jewelry, including silver, amber and other semiprecious stones. The name of the place refers to the drums and other Rasta gear for sale.
Books in San Ignacio

Baka Bush Books

Good range of secondhand books to buy or trade.
Health in San Ignacio

Jungle Remedies

From gastric distress and asthma to high blood pressure, gall stones and gout, Dr Harry Guy claims his jungle remedies can cure nearly any ailment. Many locals swear by his potions, made from locally harvested roots…
Food in Spanish Lookout

Reimers Health Food

Looking to stock up on vitamins or locally grown chia products? Reimers is a dedicated health-food store stocking a similar selection of vitamins, supplements and other health products as you'd find at a good Americ…
Arts & Crafts in San Ignacio

Arts & Crafts of Central America

This little shop below Central Otel sells a wide variety of handmade jewelry, handbags and textiles, mostly from Guatemala.