Old Belize Exhibit

Museum in Old Belize

This is the original Old Belize, which manages to pack the country's entire ecological, archaeological, industrial and political history into a 15-minute mini-train ride through a museum. It starts in the rainforest, with reproductions of the tropical trees and limestone caves that you'll find (for real) just a few miles west. A Maya exhibit has reproductions of some temples and tombs, which you also might see (for real) just a few miles north of here.

The most interesting parts of the museum are the industry exhibits, which display some genuine artifacts, such as a sugarcane press and a steam-powered saw mill. There is also a reproduction of the interior of a Garifuna home, as well as a life-size model of a Belize Town street from the early 20th century.

Your trip through Old Belize ends at the gift shop, which is actually pretty well stocked with interesting knickknacks, including T-shirts, rum, chicle gum and Cuban cigars.