San Pedro is among the most 'developed' destinations in Belize, which means the island offers more facilities that cater to demanding tourists. (And let's face it, children are demanding.) There are very few sights, activities and amenities designed specifically for kids in San Pedro, but there are loads of ways to share the joys of surf, sand and sun with your little people.

Sights & Activities

Whether swimming, snorkeling or building sand castles, there's no end to the fun in the sun for your kids. A few pointers for making the most of it:

  • There's a playground just south of the toll bridge.
  • San Pedro beaches are not ideal for swimming so consider staying in a place with a swimming pool.
  • Bring lots of books and teach your kids the joy of swinging in a hammock.
  • Keep a running list of birds, bugs, lizards and other animals spotted (perhaps with illustrations provided by your child).
  • Dig in the sand. (Pots and spoons work almost as well as shovels and pails.)
  • Visit the fish! Kids as young as five or six years old enjoy snorkeling. Practice using a mask and snorkel in the bathtub before your trip.
  • Let older kids explore in a kayak or on a paddleboard.
  • Ride bikes. The main roads in town have a lot of traffic, but the North Island is quiet, beautiful and safe. Stick to the road if riding in the sand is too difficult.
  • Take a family-friendly tour, such as the manatee tour offered by Seaduced by Belize or the Reef Runner Glass Bottom Boat.

Sleeping & Eating

Look for the family-friendly icon for restaurants and resorts that offer perks for little people.

Getting Around

The main forms of transportation around San Pedro are boat and golf cart, both of which can be dangerous for children if proper precautions are not taken. Keep small children in the arms of an adult. In town, the narrow roads get congested with traffic, but the beach is a pleasant place to push a stroller. The beach trail on the North Island is only suitable for a heavy-duty baby jogger.