Belize lacks accessibility regulations and many buildings are on stilts or have uneven wooden steps. You won't see many ramps for wheelchair access and there are very few bathrooms designed for visitors in wheelchairs.

More difficulties for wheelchair users come from the lack of footpaths, as well as plentiful rough and sandy ground. With assistance, bus travel is feasible, but small planes and water taxis might be a problem.

Not to put too fine a point on it – Belize is a very challenging destination for visitors with limited mobility. But while Belize definitely lacks accessible travel facilities it has no shortage of extremely helpful locals who are generally more than willing to lend a hand to assist travelers with special needs in getting around.

Accessible Travel Online Resources

Download Lonely Planet's free Accessible Travel guide from

There are a number of useful organizations and websites for travelers with disabilities, though there's little information that is specific to Belize:

Access-Able Travel Source ( Has good general information.

Global Access Disabled Travel Network ( Good website with interesting general travel information.

Mobility International ( US-based website that advises travelers with disabilities or mobility issues; you can organize a mentor and someone to help you plan your travels.