OLD Intro from Westvleteren

If you're driving from Veurne to Ypres, a post-mill at Oostvleteren’s main crossroads marks the turn to Westvleteren. However, the mythical Westvleteren Trappist beer actually comes from the isolated Abdij Sint-Sixtus, some 4km further southwest via a web of tiny lanes. The architecturally unremarkable abbey is closed to visitors, but the abbey café In de Vrede is the only place in the world where you can be (virtually) sure of tasting the incomparable Westvleteren 12°, often cited as Belgium’s greatest beer. That doesn't mean that you can take bottles away, however. Purchasing a case is only possible by reserving an appointment using the abbey’s infamously overloaded 'beerphone’ (070 21 00 45, high toll), preferably calling on the dot of 9am Monday morning. You’ll need to give your car number plate and agree a pick-up time (weekday afternoons only, no credit cards!).