Top Choice Historic Building in Turnhout

Turnhout Begijnhof

Hidden behind big wooden gates, one of Belgium’s loveliest begijnhoven loops round a long, narrow garden set with a grotto, church and religious statues. Founded before 1340, it features tile-roofed brick houses wit…
Museum in Turnhout


Celebrating Turnhout’s role as one of the world’s largest producers of playing cards (1.3 million packs per day), this extensive museum displays a range of antique industrial printing machines used in card creation,…
Museum in Turnhout

Begijnhof Museum

In a 1688 convent-house, this excellent little museum introduces the life of a begijn starting with an eight-minute video (English available) and a perfectly preserved period kitchen.
Museum in Turnhout


Guarded by a cannon, the spired, 16th-century Matten Thoren mansion hosts this lovable city history museum whose mishmash of art and artefacts range from a stuffed deer (the city mascot) to a measuring device that d…
Castle in Turnhout

Turnhout Castle

Turnhout was founded as an 11th-century hunting retreat for the Hertog (Duke) of Brabant. By the 13th century their lodge had developed into the moated castle that now sits plum in the middle of the city. It's a pho…