Top things to do

Castle in Ovifat

Château de Reinhardstein

On the southernmost edge of Ovifat, an idyllic little streamside lane descends 500m from a small car park to the very picturesque Château de Reinhardstein. Originally built in 1354 and restored to archetypal fortres…
Visitor Centre in Hautes Fagnes

Botrange Nature Centre

Hidden 300m west of the Eupen–Bütenbach road (1km south of Signal de Botrange and 2.5km north of Ovifat), this information centre has a museum that explains the Hautes Fagnes’ evolution through a geological ‘time tu…
Tower in Hautes Fagnes

Signal de Botrange

This, 5km north of Ovifat, is Belgium’s highest point. But at 694m that's not saying much. Indeed the domed plateau landscape looks almost flat and the only eye-catching feature here is a 1954 stone tower with all t…
Museum in Malmedy


In the covered cloisters of the twin-towered 1784 cathedral, this cultural centre-cum-museum hosts temporary exhibitions to pad out a city history display, carnival room and a quietly movingly, interactive examinati…
Carnival in Malmedy


Malmédy's big event is this four-day series of carnival festivities whose high-point is on the Sunday before Mardi Gras - handy if you want to head to Eupen for Rosen Montag next day. Amid a confusing cast of charac…
Notable Building in Eupen


Eupen houses the parliament for Belgium's German-speaking region in an 1812 mansion.