Top Choice Pub in Liège

Le Pot au Lait

Down a private cul-de-sac of psychedelic murals and lamps like radioactive triffids lies Liège’s wackiest pub-café. Watch UFOs landing while lobsters wear dentures and mannequins show off their scars in a colour-ove…
Coffee in Coo

Le Coffee Ride

Cool decor, great coffee (from €2) and insider suggestions for cycling fanatics, located just above Coo train station.
Pub in Liège

Les Olivettes

In the days of Jacques Brel cafés chantants were common – simple pubs where crooner, pianist and accordionist sang for their beer. Today Les Olivettes is a rare, authentic survivor, its pékèt-supping audience even m…
Bar in Bastogne

Brasserie Lamborelle

This small cosy pub with bottle lamps and enamel signboards serves raclette and pierrades (hot-stone on-the-table barbeques, €18.50 to €23.50), along with tasty, inexpensive pub meals. A remarkable range of beers in…
Brewery in Orval

À l'Ange Gardien

The abbey brewery is closed to visitors (except on the second weekend of September) but 300m from the monastery is Orval’s modern tavern. As well as ‘normal’ Orval it also serves draught ‘Orval Vert’, a lighter, hop…
Bar in Liège

Beer Lovers

The modern lines of this central bar-cafe sometimes clash with the tradition-laden Belgian beer labels, but it's a pleasing place to try them nonetheless. There's a changing list of a dozen or more on tap, and hundr…
Bar in Liège

Vaudrée II

With all the ambience of a municipal funeral parlour and a bit of a walk from the centre, this is a venue whose worth may be questioned. Yet, with 24 – some of them not commonly found – beers on tap and very friendl…
Pub in Liège

La Cour St-Jean

Small and cosy, with dark, characterful ambience, this pub is popular with Liège 20-somethings and has excellent Mort Subite beers on tap. It's right in the heart of the nightlife zone so there are plenty of options…
Bar in Liège

Café Le Petit Bougnat

Wonderfully genuine local rustic café with rough floors, candles in bottles and the perfect terrace on Outremeuse’s sweetest square. Expect mayhem all around here during the Festival Outremeuse.
Wine Bar in Liège

Au Tableau Qui Dit des Bêtises

With a tree-shaded terrace by the cathedral, this place is popular with arty young professionals and hipsters. It makes a fine friendly place to sip a glass of wine, and the attached bistro does decent food, with a …