Cafe in St-Hubert

L'Auberge du Prévost

Occupying a superb 18th-century half-timbered farmstead building on the roadside 300m north of the entrance to Fourneau St-Michel, L'Auberge du Prévost is great for a meal, snack, fine coffee, fresh-squeezed juice o…
Alpine in St-Hubert

Le Grill du Valais

The Swiss cottage decor with lots of local hunting horns and rearing boars is fun if a little kitschy, especially the comic paintings of game animals dressed for dinner on the street terrace. Swiss mountain dishes s…
French in St-Hubert

Romain des Bois

This place faces St-Hubert's basilica, with an all-wooden interior festively decorated with furniture made from tree trunks, hats and wine bottles. The cuisine ranges from prawns in pastis or steak with foie gras to…