Spa attractions

Museum in Spa

Spa Story

In a 1862 Napoleon III–style building 300m west of Spa's casino, the small but engaging Spa Story museum charts the town's history while looking at the evolution over time of jolités (the lacquered souvenir boxes of…
Historic Building in Spa


Spa had the 'world’s first’ casino in 1763, and the 19th-century incarnation here now forms part of a grand central trio of neoclassical buildings, along with the 1862 bathhouse (not currently in use) and the 1908 E…
Park in Spa

Parc de Sept Heures

With a picturesque Léopold II–era pavilion and a wrought-iron marketplace hosting Sunday morning flea markets, this charming park also features minigolf, pétanque and €5 pony rides in summer.
Factory in Spa

Spa Monopole

Selling the waters of Spa remains big buiness, with millions of bottles filled annually at this industrial-scale plant. A self-guided visit to the production facility includes views down on the bottling lines and ta…
Architecture in Spa

Pouhon Pierre-le-Grand

The restored, octagonal-fronted stone building hosting the tourist office was the site of Spa’s original springs. It was renamed for Russian tsar Peter the Great, whose visit to Spa in 1717 helped popularise the res…
Museum in Spa

Musée de la Lessive

This lovably off-beat little museum fills the banal classrooms of a 1960s former primary school with a hotchpotch of old flat irons, linens, washing machines and soap-powder boxes in plotting an unsophisticated hist…