Seraing was once at the forefront of Belgium’s industrial revolution. In 1817, the former summer palace of the Liège prince-bishops here became the region’s original steelworks, founded by English entrepreneur John Cockerill. Known to this day as Château Cockerill, the palace is now the corporate HQ of an energy-defence conglomerate, the 18th-century classical structure merging with a futuristic new south wing overhanging Seraing's pedestrianised central square, Pl Kuborn. This is one small part of Seraing that's enjoyed a very minor touch of regeneration, but elsewhere the city's trademarks remain rusty steel plants and time-warp brick tenements, which offer a fascinating ghastliness. Some 4km west along the quay, Seraing’s one possible tourist attraction is the world-famous glassworks Val St-Lambert.