Top things to do in Ostend

Top Choice Church in Ostend


Ostend’s most striking historical building features beautifully ornate twin spires, a rose window and a gloomy neo-Gothic interior. It was consecrated on August 31 1908, though it appears eons older. It's a massive,…
Top Choice Fortress in Ostend

Fort Napoleon

The impenetrable, pentagon-shaped Fort Napoleon is an unusually intact fortress dating from 1812, though there’s comparatively little to see inside. The audioguide covers many of the same topics you’ll have heard at…
Top Choice Bistro in Ostend

Wijnbistro Di Vino

The product of one man's hard work, this intimate candlelit wine-bistro reflects its owner's passion for food and wine. The menu is simple (fish or meat), seasonal, well priced and executed, and paired expertly with…
Top Choice Art in Ostend

Disney Sand Magic

The largest event of its kind in the world, Disney Sand Magic features more than 40 professional sand sculptors who create around 150 sculptures up to 6m high in a 10,000-sq-metre section of Ostend Beach.
Top Choice Gay in Ostend


Ostend has a compact gay scene. Of its handful of bars, Valentino – with its charming hosts, dance floor and cruisy back room – is a bit of a one-stop shop. It's the kind of place where people still dance like nobod…
Top Choice Cocktail Bar in Ostend

Mommy's Bastards

Ostend's new hipster-kid on the block is worth checking out just to see what a bar/restaurant called Mommy's Bastards is like. There's a tapas and a la carte menu, tempting cocktails and a cool Malmö-esque style. Li…
Historic Building in Ostend

Atlantikwall Raversyde

The gripping Atlantikwall is a remarkably extensive complex of WWI and WWII bunkers, gun emplacements and linking brick tunnels created by occupying German forces. Most bunkers are furnished and ‘manned’ by waxwork …
Area in Ostend

Belle Epoque-weg

This lesser-known residential part of Ostend was once in ill repute, but savvy homebuyers have recently snapped up its wealth of utterly charming art nouveau/belle epoque townhouses, restored them and transformed th…
Museum in Ostend

Anno 1465

Once a vibrant fishing village, Walraversijde disappeared entirely following the strife of 1600 to 1604, leaving mere foundations. Today the archaeological site is enhanced by four convincingly rebuilt and furnished…
Brasserie in Ostend

’t Zeezotje

Floor-to-ceiling glass and masses of outdoor seating – including an easily missed upper-floor balcony – draw in tourist diners, as do the English-language menus, good prices and late-serving kitchen. Pizzas and past…