Brasserie in Ostend

’t Zeezotje

Floor to ceiling glass and masses of outdoor seating including an easily missed upper-floor balcony draw in tourist diners, as do the English language menus, good prices and late-serving kitchen. Pizzas and pastas a…
European in Ostend


This business-casual restaurant has walls imaginatively mosaiced with mussel-shells, and the arc of its raised terrace surveys the western beaches. If you can't afford the upmarket food (scallop risotto, lobster wit…
Brasserie in Ostend

Den Artiest

Informal brasserie with tables multilayered in an original fashion around a high central space. Long brass-tube lamps and fun knick-knacks provide atmosphere, while ultra-generous meals are barbequed in front of you…
Cafe in Ostend

Belle du Jour

Ostend isn't known for its trendiness, but this little cafe with its pared down decor, mosaic floor and old school furniture hits the mark. The menu features Italian influences and plenty of seafood; the Belle du Jo…
Seafood in Ostend


Several wagon-stalls sell smoked and cooked fish, pre-fried calamari rings, little tubs of grey shrimps and plastic bowls of steaming hot wulloks (whelks/sea snails) available natuur (in salty broth) or pikant (spic…
Cafe in Ostend

Bistro Beau-Site

Atmosphere-wise, it's a class apart from anything else on the seafront. This small arty cafe has art-deco touches, a communal farmhouse table, jazz tinkling on the stereo and art books to peruse. Upstairs are window…
Seafood in Ostend


The decor, wrapped around a central spiral stairway, is stylish, except for the tacky silver mussel shells twinkling on some wall surfaces. Is the gratuitous meat-slicer displayed in the corner a veiled threat to th…
French in Ostend


Crockery cascades artistically off the wall in this intimate one-room restaurant with open kitchen. Forget standard starter/main differences – here the nouveau-cuisine menu is undivided and you simply take any dishe…
International in Ostend


Despite the pink carrots at the street terrace, this is a fashion-conscious lounge-restaurant whose kitchen covers a gamut of culinary possibilities from Thai to Mexican.
Bistro in Ostend

Di Vino

Intimate candle-lit wine-bistro with bottles and corks for decor, rustic furniture and a €9.50 lunch deal (one plate plus coffee).