Central Ostend

It’s a pleasant diversion to watch squawking gulls scavenging from beam-netted sole-fishing boats as they unload behind the little Fish Market. The quayside road is backed with wall-to-wall fish restaurants.

Domein Raversijde

Around 6km west of Ostend, the dunes and marshes of this extensive provincial reserve create a rare green gap between all the coast's apartment towers. If visiting both of its main attractions, the Atlantikwall and Anno 1465, it's cheaper to buy the combination ticket (adult/child €10/5).

By public transport, take the Kusttram to ‘Domein Raversijde’. Reach the Atlantikwall via wooden steps leading south up the dune-side then follow the signs (around 150m). A footpath between the marshes takes around 10 minutes to Walraversijde, from which you can take bus 6 back to Ostend. By car the only parking is at Walraversijde.

Bring waterproofs and walking shoes.