Top Choice Pub in Antwerp


Overlooking one of Antwerp's most underrated architectural glories (Borgerhout Town Hall) this superb beer bar stocks well over 100 choices (including excellent Saison Dupont on tap). It's doubly exciting for cyclin…
Top Choice Coffee in Liège

Le Bar À Cacao

Elegantly contemporary with tones of black and muted gold, this superb find serves excellent coffee (from €2.50) with which you get two exquisite Benoit Nihant mini-pralines as accompaniment. Indeed the chocolates c…
Top Choice Beer Garden in Leuven

Oude Markt

The 30 bars that cram together on Oude Markt form one huge mass of happy drinkers whose chatter and midnight whoops reverberate around the baroque gables. This extraordinary array of pubs collectively has the local …
Top Choice Bar in Antwerp

Bar Paniek

In a series of old warehouses transformed by an artists' collective, this magical hang-out has concrete floors, barely hanging together arrays of old windows, and a supersized rickshaw on the big dock-front terrace.…
Top Choice Cafe in Burg, Markt & North Bruges

Herberg Vlissinghe

Luminaries have frequented Bruges’ oldest pub for 500 years; local legend has it that Rubens once painted an imitation coin on the table here and then did a runner. The interior is gorgeously preserved with wood pan…
Top Choice Brown Cafe in Antwerp

Oud Arsenaal

Little has changed since 1924 at this congenial bruin café (traditional pub) that attracts grizzled elderly locals with its exceptionally reasonable beer prices, brews of the month and guest ales.
Top Choice Cafe in Mechelen

Peloton de Paris

At this cyclist's dream cafe, you can relax with a great coffee (from €2.30) or a specially bicycle-themed beer (from €2.90) microbrewed by Brouwerij Boelens, while a Belgian cycling aficionado looks over your bike …
Top Choice Bar in Mons

Hype Bar Lounge

Hype feels like a hidden retreat from the busy Grand Place, with a laid-back crowd gathered at outdoor tables on a peaceful square. The friendly staff whips up some fine cocktails, including a decent Aperol spritz, …
Top Choice Pub in Liège

Le Pot au Lait

Liège’s wackiest pub-café lurks down a private cul-de-sac decorated with psychedelic murals and lamps resembling radioactive triffids. Watch UFOs landing while lobsters wear dentures and mannequins show off their sc…
Top Choice Pub in St-Gilles, Ixelles & Uccle

Brasserie de la Renaissance

This grand café has a single, high-ceilinged room whose walls sport a ludicrously ornate load of gilt stucco tracery. Despite the grandeur, drinks are cheap and the food (Portuguese, Italian and Belgo-French) is an …