Bus Stop in Rochefort

Square Crépin

A stroll southwest of the centre, this small square has a bus stop on its south end where you can catch buses to Jemelle train station, which is on the Brussels-Luxembourg line.
Bicycle Hire in Namur

Pro Velo

At the train station, this outfit hires out standard multi-speed bicycles as well as bikes with small electric motors (for the latter, you'll have to reserve and pay at the tourist office a few doors down).
Ferry in Namur

Namur Quay

Just below the Halle al’Chair, this is a central stop on the summertime Namourette service that runs on the rivers.
Bus Station in Namur

Bus Station

Just above the train station, Namur's new bus station, currently under construction, is scheduled to open in late 2019.
Bicycle Hire in Namur


City-bike scheme. Once you've joined up, bikes are free for the first half hour and prices slowly increase after that.
Train Station in Couvin

Gare de Couvin

Trains and buses depart from the Gare de Couvin, about 500m north of the main town square, the Place du Général Piron.
Ferry in Namur

Pont de l'Évêché

Handy stop on the summertime Namourette service that runs on the rivers.
Train Station in Namur

Train Station

Namur's train station is a short walk (600m) north of the historical centre.
Ferry in Namur


Cute little boat shuttle (maximum 12 passengers) between Namur and Jambes.