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From just outside Mechelen station, buses 284 or 285 are cheaper if slower than trains for reaching Leuven (€3) and run every 20 minutes (hourly on Sundays). Buses 500 to Antwerpen-Zuid (€3) and 550 to Lier pick up at Veemarkt. Buses 560 and 561 to Lier (€3, 35 minutes, twice hourly) pick up at Schuttersvest just south of Mechelen-Nekkerspoel station.


From Mechelen-Centraal, hourly trains run to Leuven (€4.70, 30 minutes), Amsterdam (€25 to €41.40, 2¼ hours), and to Turnhout (€8.50, 55 minutes) via Lier (€3.60, 17 minutes). Fast/slow trains take 15/28 minutes to Brussels (€4.70) and 17/33 minutes to Antwerp (€4.10). Each runs up to three times hourly. Some trains to Antwerp, Lier, Brussels and Nivelles (via Waterloo) also stop at slightly handier Mechelen-Nekkerspoel on the east edge of the city centre.