Top things to do

Carnival in Malmédy


Malmédy's big annual event is this four-day series of carnival festivities, whose high point is on the Sunday before Mardi Gras – handy if you want to head to Eupen's Rosenmontag the next day. Amid a confusing cast …
Museum in Malmédy

Baugnez 44

On 17 December 1944, American and SS troop columns met fatefully at the Baugnez crossroads, 4km southeast of Malmédy. Some 84 captured GIs were shot on the spot in what became known as the 'Malmédy Massacre'. The si…
Museum in Malmédy


In the covered former abbey cloisters beside Malmédy's cathedral, this cultural centre/museum hosts temporary exhibitions to pad out a city-history display, carnival room and a quietly moving, interactive examinatio…
Italian in Malmédy

La Dona Trattoria

Some of Belgium's tastiest pizza along with home-made pasta is served in this unpretentious but friendly trattoria, 350m west of Pl du Rome on the N62, in an outwardly uninspiring building, made inviting with gingha…
Cathedral in Malmédy

Cathédrale Saints Pierre, Paul et Quirin

Fronted by stubby twin towers, Malmédy's massive 1784 cathedral provides a dominating if slightly dour centrepiece to the town.