Many sights close on Monday. Restaurants normally close one or two full days per week. Opening hours for shops, bars and cafes vary widely.

Banks 8.30am–3.30pm or later Monday to Friday, some also Saturday morning

Bars 10am–1am, but hours very flexible

Restaurants noon–2pm and 7pm–9.30pm

Shops 10am–6.30pm Monday to Saturday, sometimes closed for an hour at lunchtime

More Information

Restaurants generally open for lunch from noon until 2pm, while dinner is typically served from 6.30pm/7pm to 9pm/10pm. Gastronomic restaurants with multicourse menus might have only one sitting, while brasseries have more fluid hours, usually serving until 11pm and possibly staying open until midnight or 1am with at least a limited menu.

Bars and cafés in some cases close only when the last barfly drops.

Shops in both countries usually open from 10am to 6.30pm Monday to Saturday, some closing for lunch, especially in smaller towns. Tourist-oriented shops often open Sundays then close Mondays. Sunday trading is also common among chains of convenience stores, while night stores (nachtwinkel or magasin de nuit) work dusk till dawn.

Banks open from 8.30am or 9am and close between 3.30pm and 5pm Monday to Friday. Some close for an hour at lunch, and many also open Saturday mornings.