Top things to do in Lier

Top Choice Historic Building in Lier

Lier Begijnhof

Originally founded in 1258, this Unesco site is one of Belgium’s prettiest 'street' begijnhoven, a picture-perfect grid of cobbled lanes lined with archetypal houses around the baroque-fronted 1671 St-Margaretakerk.
Tower in Lier


Lier’s most iconic monument is the photogenic Zimmertoren, a partly 14th-century tower incorporating a fanciful 1930 timepiece that’s eccentrically overendowed with dials, zodiac signs, and a globe on which the Cong…
Gallery in Lier

Stads Museum Lier

Undergoing a total renovation at the time of research, this well-endowed provincial art gallery sits behind a classic step-gabled facade and, when finished, will set out the story of Lier through the works of local …
Church in Lier


Stand amid the flowerboxes of the Aragonstraat bridge and look southeast for a beautiful perspective on this huge Gothic church with its distinctive clock tower.
European in Lier

De Comeet

Gilt cherubs hold wooden beams, and a contemporary wrought-iron chandelier sits above the grand piano in this characterful place whose summer 'garden’ retains the creeper-softened rubble of a demolished building. Th…
Pub in Lier

De Refuge

Outwardly forgettable, De Refuge is the closest bar to Zimmertoren and is worth discovering for its stock of six thoroughly local brews (beers from €2.20), including the dangerously drinkable 9.9% Den Blèèèter.
Italian in Lier


Named for the Sicilian chef whose open kitchen takes centre stage, this tiny upmarket Italian restaurant is so intimate that you'd easily mistake it for a cosy local house.
Bar in Lier

De Mort

An atmospheric brown cafe hidden in the unpromising alley signposted to Mister 100 Billiard Lounge.