Top Choice Historic Building in Lier

Lier Begijnhof

Originally founded in 1258, this Unesco site is one of Belgium’s prettiest 'street' begijnhoven, a picture-perfect grid of cobbled lanes lined with archetypal houses around the baroque-fronted 1671 St-Margaretakerk.
Tower in Lier


Lier’s most iconic monument is the photogenic Zimmertoren, a partly 14th-century tower incorporating a fanciful 1930 timepiece that’s eccentrically overendowed with dials, zodiac signs, and a globe on which the Cong…
Gallery in Lier

Stads Museum Lier

Undergoing a total renovation at the time of research, this well-endowed provincial art gallery sits behind a classic step-gabled facade and, when finished, will set out the story of Lier through the works of local …
Church in Lier


Stand amid the flowerboxes of the Aragonstraat bridge and look southeast for a beautiful perspective on this huge Gothic church with its distinctive clock tower.