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Top Choice Fiesta in Liège

Festival Outremeuse

A week of raucously drunken celebrations in Outremeuse culminates on 15 August when sermons are read in Walloon dialect, then everyone gets tipsy on pékèt (local gin). Expect firecrackers, puppets, traditional dance…
Top Choice Gallery in Liège

Musée des Beaux-Arts de Liège

From outside, this museum is a 1980s concrete travesty. Within, however, clever design creates a spiral of gallery spaces ideal for viewing the excellent collection of paintings by French-speaking Belgians. The scop…
Top Choice Museum in Liège

Grand Curtius

The splendid Grand Curtius uses the thoroughly renovated mansion of a 17th-century Liège entrepreneur to unite four discrete museum collections. It then makes a very ambitious stab at explaining the whole history of…
Top Choice French in Liège

Terra Terrae

Confident contemporary cuisine with a variety of influences makes this eatery on a quiet street near the cathedral a pleasure – but not one you can expect to bag a table for without a reservation. Influences from 't…
Top Choice Architecture in Liège

Liège-Guillemins Station

Around 2km south of central Liège, the city's main train station is an incredible 2009 icon designed by Santiago Calatrava (no, it didn't come in on time or under budget). Its bold white sweeping curves create a uni…
Top Choice Pub in Liège

Le Pot au Lait

Down a private cul-de-sac of psychedelic murals and lamps like radioactive triffids lies Liège’s wackiest pub-café. Watch UFOs landing while lobsters wear dentures and mannequins show off their scars in a colour-ove…
Top Choice Market in Liège

La Batte

One of Belgium's most vibrant markets, this multicultural affair encompasses cheap designer rip-offs, second-hand gear, food stalls and more along the riverside in the centre of town.
Museum in Liège


Once one of the greatest churches in northern Europe, St-Lambert’s Cathedral was demolished from 1793 in the aftermath of the Revolution Liégeoise, very decidedly marking the end to the independent prince-bishopric …
Church in Liège

Cathédrale St-Paul

The central cathedral has soaring Gothic vaults, an elaborate neo-Gothic pulpit, colourfully patterned ceiling and fine stained-glass windows. Off the closed-in cloister, its slickly presented three-level Trésor gua…
Museum in Liège

Musée de la Vie Wallonne

In an adapted convent-cloister building, this curious display takes visitors on an amble through the region’s past, exploring everything from 12th-century Mosan metalwork to 1960s room interiors. Notable is the wate…