Top Choice Market in Liège

La Batte

One of Belgium's most vibrant markets, this multicultural affair encompasses cheap designer rip-offs, second-hand gear, food stalls and more along the riverside in the centre of town.
Gifts & Souvenirs in Liège

Office of Walloon Products

Walloon specialities such as pèkèt, chocolate, Liège syrup (dense jam made of apples or pears), Aubel cider, Trappist beers, salt meats and Herve cheese can be found at the Office of Walloon Products.…
Food & Drinks in Liège

Jacques Galler's Chocolate Factory

Jacques Galler's famous (and arguably Liège's most delicate and delicious) chocolate is in all the supermarkets but if you buy from his factory, it's cheaper. Starting out in his father's pastry shop in 1976, G…