Top Choice French in Liège

Terra Terrae

Confident contemporary cuisine with a variety of influences makes this eatery on a quiet street near the cathedral a pleasure – but not one you can expect to bag a table for without a reservation. Influences from 't…
French in Liège

Le Bistrot d’en Face

Excellent quality rural French food served in a candlelit 16th-century building whose traditional gingham-and-beams interior is enlivened by some bold contemporary portraiture. Vegetarians should look elsewhere. Car…
Grill in Liège


Given that you walk through a butcher's shop to these simple but enticing tables, don't expect vegetable medleys from the tablet-based menu. Steaks come from various provenances (there's the inevitable wagyu option …
Belgian in Liège

Amon Nanesse

Just behind Place du Marché, this rambling antique house with bare-brick walls and heavy beams combines a lively bar (open until 2am) specialising in pékèt shots with a restaurant serving satisfying pub meals includ…
Belgian in Liège


Despite occupying a prominent corner in old Liège, it's easy to miss this gourmet option, but make sure you don't. The quality of the beautifully presented dishes could justify a much loftier price. Best, though is …
Barbecue in Liège

Histoire Sans Faim

On the north edge of the bar district, the speciality of this friendly, intimate restaurant is pierrade – cook-it-yourself barbeques on hot stones. Meat or seafood, away you go: it's delicious. The name is a pun on …
Belgian in Liège

Mamé Vi Cou

'Mamé Vi Cou' is Walloon-speak for 'an older woman of ample proportions'. But try not to binge here, though you may want to after tasting such local specialities as Rognon de Veau au Pékèt (veal in a …
French in Liège

Chez Nathalie

With your needs overseen with a motherly concern, it's difficult not to sink into Parisian-style bliss in this loveable spot. It could audition for the role of bistro in any mid-20th-century movie but the food is vi…
French in Liège

Le Thème

This cosy restaurant, tucked away in a hidden yet central alley – worth a wander at any time – serves up menus that are eccentrically designed around a regularly changing theme. Think Alice in Wonderland or The Aven…
Belgian in Liège

As Ouhès

Specialises in rich Walloon cuisine with ultragenerous portions, attentive service and reasonable prices. Note the restaurant's apt logo - a gluttonous man sitting on a mound of hams, waffles and sausages.