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Brewery in Hoegaarden

Café-brouwerij Nieuwhuys

This 1636 brick house in central Hoegaarden has been converted into a brilliantly pitched, jazz-toned pub-café that produces three of its own mellow beers (notably Alpaïde stout) in a microbrewery that's partly visi…
Cafe in Hoegaarden


This 18th-century brick house fronts the beautiful Tuinen van Hoegaarden formal gardens and has a wisteria-shaded terrace that is a delight in summer. The menu includes croquettes, stews, mussels and paellas, along …
Church in Hoegaarden


Claiming to be Belgium's largest rococo church, the 1759 Sint-Gorgoniuskerk rises from the town's cute central square. More impressive inside than out, it commemorates a Roman martyr whose relics were carried to Hoe…