In the heart of the moorlands, a good starting point for various Fagnes walks is at this lonely, typical Ardennes-style restaurant, 8km north of Ovifat.

South of the large carpark, an access spur path to the Fagne de la Polleûr loop starts behind the tiny 1830 Chapel Fischbach, unusually topped with a lantern window. As with the 4.5m carved stone column, visible across the road from the car park's southeast tip, the idea was to offer a landmark for those crossing the featureless moors in the days before paved roads. Directly east across the road from the restaurant is a footpath signposted to Eupen. That passes two smaller grey-stone pillars that once marked the Belgian–Prussian border (one recently replaced, the other some 200m beyond is an 1839 original). Continue a little further then veer left away from the treeline to find a stretch of over-bog boardwalk.