Live Music in Ghent

Café Trefpunt

On Monday evenings, when most other places close, Trefpunt has jam sessions or live concerts. Standards tend to be high as performers want to impress the owners, who also organise the Gentse Feesten.
Live Music in Ghent

Hot Club de Gand

Hidden down the tiny alley behind ‘t Dreupelkot jenever bar, this is a great place to seek out live acoustic music. Be it jazz, gypsy, blues or flamenco, there’s likely to be a concert most term-time nights. Sometim…
World Music in Ghent


Ropes, horse harnesses and the sayings of Rumi give this very inexpensive café a slightly cheesy atmosphere, but the free traditional Turkish music concerts are the attraction. You might also find jazz and Latin sty…
Live Music in Ghent


At perennial favourite Charlatan you might find live music in virtually any genre (from 10pm), sometimes with a cover charge. It generally opens long enough to leave you ready for breakfast. If not, others next door…
World Music in Ghent

De Centrale

Multicultural centre offering an inspiring range of ‘world’ music concerts and dances (flamenco, Turkish, North African, Asian).
Theatre in Ghent


A visionary architectural premonition of art deco, the 1912 Vooruit building is a prominent venue for dance, rock concerts, film and visiting theatre companies. Its lively café also hosts occasional low-key free con…
Theatre in Ghent

NT Gent Schouwburg

Home to Ghent’s premier theatre company. It also offers interesting ‘open rehearsals’ and workshops, but naturally almost everything’s in Dutch. Its cafe-restaurant, de Foyer, has a great terrace overlooking the squ…
Concert Venue in Ghent

Flanders Expo

Though primarily for trade fairs, Flanders Expo also hosts occasional big-name rock concerts. It’s at the southern terminus for tram 1, 4km beyond Gent-St-Pieters.
Classical Music in Ghent

De Bijloke

Good selection of classical music concerts on a site recycled from a historic abbey and hospital.
Opera in Ghent

De Vlaamse Opera

Ghent’s 1840 opera hall boasts horseshoe-shaped tiered balconies and elegant salons.